Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holiday creations

I'm busying thinking up ideas for holiday creations . . . cards, tags, etc. I had a great idea for a card (I thought) but when I made the first one (with plans to make 59 more!) it just didn't look as great as I had thought it would. Bummer. Hmmm, now what?? I spent two evenings looking at the card and getting absolutely nothing done. I was stumped.

I decided to take a night off (my first in about a month) to watch Survivor and Grey's Anatomy. During commercials - because I can't just sit there - I flipped through the latest addition of one my favorite scrapbooking magazines. Talk about inspiration! Just looking at holiday items got me inspired, and hopefully tomorrow night when I start creating something great will happen! Cross your fingers!

Meanwhile, I had some paper scraps sitting on my craft table from a previous project and rather than file them away I started goofing around and came up with this card:

I love the bright colors and contrast; I also love the simplicity. I wish I had more of this paper! I listed the card in my store and it seems to be getting some attention so hopefully someone will decide they have to have it soon!

1 comment:

Andrea Rooks said...

I love that card! It caught my eye in your store... Is it Basic Grey paper?