Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The World Series

Are you watching The World Series? Did you watch the game last night? I don’t watch baseball all year (except when I can be THIS CLOSE to Derek Jeter like this season when the Twins played the Yankees and I was in the first row behind home plate!!) but for some reason I’m addicted to the World Series. Every pitch, every swing of the bat, it's all so important. I know you could probably say that about every game during the season but come on, you know it all means more during the WS.

I really liked watching the WS when they played at Fenway Park in Boston. It's such a small, cramped little place and you've got the Green Monster and all - you just can't beat it. It's so much more interesting than the stadiums of today which all seem to look alike.

Fenway Park & The Green Monster

Last year I watched this one man that had great seats right behind home plate and I wondered about him. How did he get such great seats? Does he go to all the games? Did his great-great-grandfather pass down the season tickets? Why does he wear that red scarf at every game? Is it his lucky scarf, or just warm? He never seems to leave his seat. Does he have a Stadium Pal (shoutout to the David Sedaris fans!)? It's hard to concentrate on the game when there are so many things to distract me.

Then there's the singing of the National Anthem. Last night I was pleasantly surprised by "Hall" from "Hall & Oates". He did a really nice job.

It looked so miserable in Philly last night - raining, cold and windy, just like Minnesota on Sunday. Brrr! I was glad that they finally suspended play but thought it was interesting that they waited until the game was tied, which means that they will finish the game rather than calling it a win for the Phillies and ending the series. I have been rooting for the Phillies since the WS started (their uniforms are cuter) but last night I was cheering for the Rays because I want the series to go the full 7 games!

Phillies Logo - cute stars!

Speaking of uniforms, I came to the conclusion last night that the only ball player that looks good wearing their baseball pants the old style way (with the socks showing and the pants up to the knees) is A-Rod. No one else should attempt it. Jeter could probably pull it off, but why? If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Derek Jeter

Go Phillies! Go Rays!

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