Saturday, December 13, 2008

A sticky situation

Anyone that does paper crafts knows that your work is only as good as your adhesive. When you spend time creating a special card, tag or scrapbook page you want to feel confident that it will look just as good even after it's been handled, mailed, or given as a gift.

I've been doing paper crafts for many years and there have been so many improvements in the quality of products available for use, from scrapbook supplies that are archival to embellishments that come in so many varieties that people need a whole room just for their "hobby". Have you even seen a group of people heading to a "crop"?? If you didn't know better you might think they had been forced to move from their home and they are carrying with them everything they own. I go on a couple of scrapbooking weekends each year with a group of friends. Four of us usually ride together and we need a suburban! And we hardly bring any clothes!

The advancement in product and equipment for paper crafts is really astounding. Have you seen the Cricut? It's a truly amazing machine that cuts out shapes and sizes - anything you can imagine! Are you familiar with the number and sizes of punches available? Holy cow! Even rulers come a variety of sizes, are made from a number of materials and have a variety of edge types.

So with all this advancement why is it that it's so darn hard to find adhesive that works?? I've been known to say that adhesive is the bane of my existance. And I meant it. Until now.

My good friend Becky Higgins (ok fine, we haven't actually met but I admire her work and she DID email me once!!!) recommended Duck Double Stick Adhesive on her blog. I thought I had tried every brand known to man, but this one was new to me. I figured if Becky used it with all the paper crafting she does then I should definitely check it out.

I bought some Duck adhesive, used it, loved it and now it's a staple in my crafting world. It's a little more expensive than some of the other brands and it's not refillable, but man does it work slick! It doesn't get all gummy, it rolls nice and smooth, and it fits nicely in my hand. It's not available in every craft store, but 2 of my favorite store do carry it - JoAnn Fabrics and a local scrapbooking store. At JoAnn Fabrice you can but it in "bulk", as shown in the photo, which is great because I use lots of it. I go through TONS of adhesive, and finding a brand that works well for me is like, well I can't think of anything better or even as good.

If you use adhesive and you aren't happy with it, give the Duck brand a try.

Oh, one more thing. When I was in 6th grade I went to Bible Camp and met and "fell in love" with a boy whose nickname was Ducky. Maybe that's why I like this adhesive so much.

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