Monday, December 22, 2008

The pressure is . . . off!

This is my first holiday season as an on-line seller at 1000Markets, and as I sit back and review my holiday performance I am . . . underwhelmed! I knew way back in September that I should be making lots of Christmas items for sale. My plan was to have several different sets of Christmas cards for sale and some gift card holders too. I stocked up on green cardstock and sat and thought, and thought, and then I thought some more. Try as I might I could not come up with any ideas!

I moved on and worked on other things, waiting for the Christmas creative block to clear, but every time I tried to come up with ideas I came up short. I tend to be a procrastinator and work well under pressure, but I really wanted to have Christmas items for sale early. I did eventually come up with some cute gift tags and mini cards, but that was it.

Now that the holidays are upon us and it's too late to for Christmas cards for this year, I feel free to move on and make other items and suddenly I'm full of ideas! Some of my ideas are even Christmas related - how irritating is that?? Tonight I've been working on some birthday and thank you cards and the ideas just came to me in no time at all. I guess the pressure of making the perfect Christmas cards got the best of me. Next year I'm going to get started earlier, and hopefully I won't suffer the same creative block I faced this year.

One of the cards I made over the weekend is the snowman card pictured here. It would work well as a holiday thank you card, or just to send a note to a friend. It features the cutest little snowman which has been attached using pop-up adhesive so that he really stands out. You can purchase this card in my 1000Markets shop.

Happy Holidays to all - enjoy good food, friends and family, and those holiday traditions that make this season so special.

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