Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bruce Springsteen, are you reading my blog?

I'm feeling a real connection with Bruce Springsteen right now. I've been a huge Springsteen fan for YEARS; I've been to see him many times, I have his albums, I have his video, I even have a small book about him that I carry in my purse all times. Want to know where he grew up, when he played his first concert, when he got married, the names of his children, etc.? If I don't know it off the top of my head I can simply pull out my book and find the answer.
This has been an ongoing adoration, but right now something is different. Let me list the things that have me thinking something is going on:
  1. Tomorrow The Boss will be playing at half time during the Super Bowl
  2. Monday tickets go on sale for the next Springsteen concert in Minnesota
  3. Tonight there was a Springsteen special on VH1 about the making of his new album
  4. During the VH1 show he talked about a new song he wrote about being in love with the checkout clerk at the supermarket.
Ok. Here's the really cool part. Monday is my birthday.
Are you seeing the connection? Super Bowl Sunday - birthday on Monday. Tickets on sale Monday - birthday on Monday. Rare special about the Boss on Saturday - birthday on Monday. Song about being in love with the clerk at the supermarket - I used to work at a supermarket. I know!
Coincidence? I don't think so. I have a feeling that Bruce has something special planned for my birthday, and all of these strange happenings are just leading up to the big surprise.
I don't normally wish weekends away, but man, I wish it was Monday!


Andrea Rooks said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you can connect with the Boss in a special way today!

ella said...

Oh my gosh you are sooooooo funny I can't believe I haven't read this until today!! I hope it worked out for ya on your birthday ??