Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've received an award!!!

Thanks so much to Andrea from RooksPaperScissors for giving me the Blob-tastic Award! I appreciate the kudos!

Now it's my turn, and I get to pass this award on to 6 fantastic bloggers - blogs that I love to read. Here they are:

1. Cicada Daydream - such a creative person she is . . . and her blog is very well written.
2. Elise Blaha - young and energetic - and creative too! A fun read.
3. Lu Summers - a talented artist from across the pond! I bought some of her items for Christmas gifts . . . but kept them for myself because they are so very cute!
4. RaspberryFairy - a fun blog to read . . . I must secretly want to live in the UK!
5. BobsandBits - a recent customer with a fun and colorful blog! Very cute items for sale too!
6. Every Jot & Title - great Etsy shop and very fun blog!

I hope you will take a moment to visit the homepage of the award and learn how to participate!

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KittsKrafts said...

Yeah for you! :-)
Check out my brand new blog.