Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's my girl!!

This is a picture of my daughter riding on a sailboat through the Panama Canal. How cool is that? She's with my sister & brother-in-law and my parents. They are in the left channel; there are three boats tied together and they are on the far left. It wasn't a great camera angle, but that's them!! Talk about a once in a lifetime experience!
I haven't been able to talk to them yet, but I'm sure they have stories to tell. I don't think they knew anyone else going through the canal at the same time so I'm assuming that the port authorities arranged for all of them to go through at once.
Hopefully they have been taking lots of pictures, but unfortunately my daughter will be going straight back to college in Oregon so I won't actually see her until May. I will get to hear her voice though, and I'm very anxious for that.

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Andrea Rooks said...

What a great adventure! I hope I can let my daughter go on such adventures when she's old enough (which in my mind right now is 30! Nah, I just hope she'll be brave enough to venture out on her own some day -- as a 2-year-old, she's a bit of a mommy's girl :) )...