Saturday, May 16, 2009

Look what I did!

Finally, as promised, a glimpse of the projects I completed a few weeks ago when I went away for the weekend with some friends. As you can see, I managed to accomplish quite a bit! I'm happy to say that a few of these things have already sold, a few have been listed in my shop and several still need decent photos before they can be listed.
We had two Cricuts and several cartridges available that weekend so we had a good time cutting out various shapes and words. Ok, one friend in particular didn't think it was as much fun as it was frustrating . . . but overall we enjoyed it!
I was working on editing photos this morning but I decided that several of the photos will have to be re-taken. I used a different location in my house to take the photos and they just didn't turn out - way too dark. I think I'll go back to my tried and true basement window on the west side of our house. We have a very wide window ledge and the lighting there just works the best. It's a little awkward to get to as my husband has his wooden duck decoy collection displayed right below the window but luckily I was in gymnastics as a kid so I can make it work!

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