Saturday, June 6, 2009


My daughter has always been a crafty little thing -drawing is really her passion but she also does pottery, sewing, etc. She took a pottery class in high school and made some really cool pieces. I was lucky enough to get this piece, although I'm not sure if she gave it to me or if I just kind of took it!

I love the colors and the shape. It sits in my dining room so I see it every time I walk past. It has "feet" on the bottom as shown in this photo:

In other news, I've had a busy few weeks making cards. I've made lots and lots of graduation cards for myself and others - I think I made my last 6 today since graduation is tomorrow in this area. I have enough on hand for online orders, so I'm ready to move on. Last night I started on a custom order for one of my favorite repeat customers (you know who you are!) and got her cards done today.

I was going to start on a mini album kit tonight - one for me and one for my shop, but I'm not getting too far! My daughter has emptied her room into the family room (where my craft area is) and she's sorting through all of her possessions, so I seem to be spending my time reminiscing with her and not getting much crafting done. Maybe tomorrow?

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Andrea Rooks said...

That's a beautiful pottery piece. My mom claimed nearly all of my art and craft projects from high school. I'm glad she did because she still has them all! I probably would have gotten rid of them along the way if I'd kept them...