Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summertime is grand!

Because I don't consider myself a gardener I'm pretty proud of this garden in my front yard, known as the Love Garden. Everything you see grows "automatically" which I think a real gardener would tell you means that these plants are perrenials. I just think of them as pretty things that grow without effort, which I love!

I'm especially proud of the clematis that grows on a post topped with a birdhouse. It's especially pretty right now, full of purple flowers.

They just started blooming this week and I happened to be outside yesterday afternoon and thought I should get a picture. I noticed that it was cooler than it had been for days, and the wind was really picking up. Within minutes of this photo it got dark and started to rain really hard! My daughter had just gotten home and went to the back yard to let her dog, Hunter, out to run around. He doesn't like the rain, so he went straight to the garage when the rain started. He's a bit spoiled, and doesn't really like sitting on the garage floor so he usually looks for a rug to sit on. Yesterday he must have decided he deserved better, because he found a chair and made himself comfortable.

Emily, my daughter and his favorite person on earth, quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a photo, although there was really no rush because he stayed there for a long time. Once the rain stopped he was ready to go back outside.

We've been enjoying the nice, hot summertime weather, especially after a really long winter. I hope that your summertime is grand as well!

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Anonymous said...

He's such a dork...but a cute one!