Monday, February 8, 2010

Work in progress

I have been busying making embellishments for the past week or so and thought I'd show you how I organized the sets.

I made sets in blue, red, yellow, green and orange; each set has 4 different shapes (circle, flower, heart and square edged flower).  I found coordinating paper for each of the shapes in each of the colors (good thing I have LOTS of paper!) and then cut out the shapes using my Cricut.

I put all of the shapes for one color in a box cover along with buttons and matching thread.  Then I sat down and sewed and sewed and sewed!!  It was fun and relaxing, and as I mentioned before I watched a movie and several tv shows while I sewed.

I put the box lid for the color I was working on in my lap and included my scissor and pin cussion.  Then, when I had that color done I just moved my scissor and pin cushion to the next box lid.  It worked really well, and in the end I had 5 different box lids full of fun embellishments!  I'm not too good at math but I think I finished 100 embellishments (10 sets, 5 colors, 8 embellishments in each set).  Am I close?

Four of the five sets are listed in my shop; I still need to edit the photos of the orange set and get those listed.

These embellishments would work well to add to a scrapbook page or card, and I think you should have one set in each color in your stash.  Don't you?


Andrea Rooks said...

So adorable and appealingly well organized! I especially love the daisy ones...

Anonymous said...

they are sooooooo cute and I love the colors. Now if I only knew how to use them :=((( ELLA