Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm no Martha Stewart

I saw this photo and article in the April edition of Martha Stewart Living magazine and immediately wanted to give it a try.  Aren't they pretty?  "All you do" (they make it sound so easy!) is put a letter sticker on an egg and dye it, then remove the letter and apply a new letter in a different place and dye the egg in a new color.  You end up with a multi colored egg that looks great and would work well as a placecard at your Easter table.  Oh Martha.

I have a bunch of letter stickers and thought maybe I could use some of them to make these eggs.  Luckily I did a test run about a week before Easter and found out that although it worked fine to put the sticker on the egg and dye it, when it came time to peel the letter sticker off it wouldn't come off nicely, and I actually had to use a wet towel to rub it off which also removed the dye.  No problem, I have a Cricut and there's special vinyl you can use to with your Cricut, so off I went to buy some.

I bought the vinyl, cut out my letters and adhered them to the eggs (hard boiled).  Here's what that looked like:

I dyed the eggs using green, blue and yellow.  That went great, although the yellow took a long time to dye to a nice color.  I added more food coloring, and then some more, but it never really worked well.  That was just one of my problems!!  I removed the letter and placed a new letter on each egg right next to the first leter.

Then I dyed each egg again.  When it was all said and done it was time to face facts:  I'm no Martha Stewart.  I was really disappointed with how my eggs turned out, and even though I'm embarrassed I'm going to show you what they look like:

Pitiful, right?  Dang.  Well, I'm going to bring them along anyway - I didn't spend a couple of hours (and a whole dozen eggs!) for nothin'.

I might try this again sometime and one thing I would do different is buy some good egg dye;  I think that was my main problem.  I think if the eggs would have dyed better the letters would be clearer . . . at least that's my story.  Oh well, I had fun trying!

Have a Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I don't think they look too bad. I actually really like the egg you that you dyed once and stuck the 2nd letter too. I like it with the black vinyl letter on the egg. That could have been a cute alternative. But you know Martha...never can replicate her stuff! I say that's because she has a whole staff of people dyeing her eggs.

Jana said...

I think they look fun and you get major points for all the work you did! We had good dye from an egg kit and then the boys put stickers on the eggs. That's the best we could do this year - otherwise I have visions of a multicolored, stained kitchen... hope your Easter was great! =)

Andrea Rooks said...

Your eggs look great! Kudos to you for dying eggs. I didn't even try to do eggs this year :)

Anonymous said...

Don't even believe her they were adorable and much appreciated by all at the table :=)))

Pamela said...

I saw that article too and wondered how they would turn out. Not bad for your first time girl.