Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sympathy Card

It seems like I've needed a lot of sympathy cards lately, and I never have any made.  I find myself, the day of the funeral, at my craft table hurrying to make a card.  Unfortunately I needed another one last weekend, and once again had to make a card.  It turned out well - simple but gets the message across so I think I'll make a handful so that I have some on hand.  Here's the card:

Inside is the message, "with sincere sympathy"; the colors are neutral enough to use for a man or a woman.

The funeral I went to most recently was for a man that was my neighbor while I was growing up.  He actually built the house I grew up in, then when their kids were grown they sold it and built the same house next door except that they didn't finish the basement.  Although his name was Bob Boreen, our family never referred to him as Bob or Mr. Boreen, to us he was Ba Ba Ba Bob Bob Boreen.  He was a nice neighbot and very active - we lived on a lake and he had a sailboat, speed boat, ice boat, etc.  He was such a nice man and he will be missed.

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