Saturday, May 29, 2010

Got paper?

This afternoon this HUGE stack of paper that I won in the Creating Keepsakes Handmade Accent Contest was still in my kitchen.  It moved from the table, where I first unpacked the box, to a chair.  I kind of considered it an accent piece . . . some people like fresh flowers, I go for paper!  I realized that it should probably be put away if for no reason other than the loose papers might end up with bent corners.

I bought two Cropper Hopper paper holders (I already have 3 full ones!) and I was able to get most of it in those two holders, but I ended up with 6 of the bound paper stacks with no home.  Guess I need more paper holders.

It's kind of sad to walk through the kitchen and not stop and gaze in wonder at all of the paper I won, but it has been a month since I received it so I did have lots of - oh!  look at all of my paper - moments.  Good times.

Next I need to figure out what to do with the letter announcing my win; frame it or make a layout.  Hmmm.

In other news it's 90 degrees here in Minnesota; very unusual for Memorial Day weekend.  I spent much of the day outside, first weeding my garden and then sitting in the sun reading a book.  Kind of a lazy day which was very enjoyable.

Hope your weekend is full of fun, friends and family!

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