Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mother Nature is not my friend

Warning!  This is a rant against Mother Nature.

So, it's Saturday.  I work at my day job Monday through Friday.  Saturday and Sunday and my days off, and they are busy with projects around the house (cleaning, mowing the lawn, etc.), committments, and errands.  Today is one of those rare Saturdays when I don't have any committments; nowhere that I have to be.  I cleaned the house and mowed the lawn in the evenings this week because the forecast for the weekend was that Saturday would be hot and sunny, and Sunday would be rainy.  I planned my weekend around that forecast, which was probably my first mistake.

My parents live on a lake just a few miles from me, and they had the day free too!  So did my brother and sister-in-law!  And my niece and her family!  YAY us!  A beautiful, sunny day that we could all spend on the lake, floating on air mattresses, swimming, even going for a ride on the pontoon.  In other words, a perfect summer day in Minnesota.

By now you can probably guess where this story is going, right?  I got up at 8:30 a.m. and it was sunny with a few clouds in the sky.  I went outside and fed the dog, then got my daughter's bedding in the wash because she is coming home from Oregon on Wednesday.  She loves sheets fresh from the clothesline so I thought I would get them washed and out on the line before I headed to the lake.

Minute by minute - I'm not even kidding - the clouds seemed to be taking over the sky.  Does this look like a beautiful, sunny day to you?

Not terrible, but a bit worrisome.  Then it got worse.  See?

And then?  Raindrops on the driveway.

Now I'm seriously irritated.  As I type this I hear thunder and I see the trees outside blowing in the wind.  Seriously?  I have the radio on and they are still talking about a nice, hot day today, but the station is in the Twin Cities which is about 60 miles east.  I would expect that in about half an hour their story will change and they will start talking about rain.

I'm irritated with Mother Nature.  Would it be so wrong to have a nice day on a Saturday?  Does all of the nice weather need to be Monday through Friday?  Ugh.

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