Saturday, July 3, 2010

She got sucked in

Just a little vampire humor to start the day!  If you watch tv or browse the internet at all (and I know you do) you just can't help but be familiar with the Stephanie Meyer Twilight Series of books.  I first heard about them from my niece who stayed up all night to read the first book, finished it, and then started it again.  This was when the books first came out and she kept re-reading the first book until the second book became available.  She read all four several times and has seen the movies several times as well.

She's not alone; I can't walk through the office (at my day job) without seeing posters or hearing talk about the books and movies.  Everyone I know that started the books couldn't stop until they had read all four, and to be honest it scared me!  Not as in "I'm afraid of vampires" but more like "I don't have several days to read because I have too many other things to do"!

I've managed to avoid the whole thing until this week when a co-worker walked into my office and handed me the first book.  She had just finished it and said that she thought I would enjoy it.  Ugh.  Do I really have time right now?  Well, kind of.  I finished my book club book and we don't meet to discuss it for another week.  Also, the weather this week in Minnesota was glorious, so the thought of sitting outside in the evening reading really appealed to me.  So, on Tuesday night I started book one.  I finished in on Thursday night.  I know.  I have to admit that it was a fun, easy read and I really enjoyed it.  I don't plan to hang any posters or anything, but I will read the rest of the books.  In fact, last night I started book two and . . . I'm half done with it.  Have you read them?

In crafty news . . . well, I've been reading so I don't have much to report!  I did one little project this week, which was to spray paint some jar lids so that I could use the jars to store buttons.

In the summer I make cold tuna salad a lot, because it's a family favorite and it's an easy thing to have around for meals on the weekends.  My recipe (thanks mom!) calls for a jar of chopped pimentos, which means that I have a collection of empty little jars sitting around.  I always think I won't save any more but they are so darn cute I can't throw them in the recycling bin!  I thought they would work perfect for button storage but didn't really want the lid, with writing on it, the way it was.  I had some silver spray paint that I bought for a project that did not work, so I took the lids outside and painted them.  It took a few coats, but the turned out really nice!  I love how nicely they stack and I think I'll continue to save them and paint some more.

I had planned to spend the day at the lake, peacefully floating on an air mattress, but we are experiencing gale force winds here and that just doesn't sound relaxing to me.  It's also very hot and humid, so I think I'll spend part of the day crafting and then maybe I'll finish book two!

edited to add:  the first book isn't pictures here because I returned it to it's owner.  Another co-worker had the entire series and that's where I got books two through four.

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Pamela said...

I read all 4 books in 8 days when the 4th book came out. I had a week to myself and chose to read. Cute jars!