Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall nature walk

Don't you just love fall?

There's a chill in the air, yet the sunshine feels so nice and warm.
There's football on tv and at local high schools, yet the World Series is right around the corner.
The leaves are multi colored and vibrant, yet the summer flowers continue to bloom.

Yes, fall is an awesome season!

Every day when I wake up I look out the window and see this beautiful tree.

It's even more beautiful when the morning sun is hitting the tree; this photo was taken in the evening.

Last night I took the dog on a nature walk through a local park that's just behind our house.  Oh, the sites I saw!  Be prepared for lots of photos because it was hard to narrow down the choices.

Walking on the path before you even enter the park you see this row of trees.  They are awesome in the spring too!

Then you enter the park through this opening in the trees.  You can just tell there's something great on the other side!

The park is a county park with a steep hill, several picnic areas, a ball park and a lake.  Here are just some of the sights I saw.

It was a great walk, and I'm excited because my mom and I are heading to another nearby county park for another nature walk this afternoon.  I'm sure I'll end up taking more photos, so I may just need to make another Fall Mini Album to hold them all!

As I headed back home I took this shot of the sunshine through the trees.  Maybe I missed my calling and I should have been a nature photographer!!  Ha ha!

Enjoy this fall day!


peggys said...

Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing. Pretty soon you will be taking pictures of birds, I just know it!

Andrea Rooks said...

Beautiful photos!