Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Photo courtesy of AFP

Last night my television was tuned to CNN as I watched the Chilean mine rescue, which continues at this moment.  Did you watch?  Talk about inspiring!  If you aren't up to speed on the story or if you haven't seen any of the images I really encourage you to do a quick internet search and see for yourself.

The coordination involved in the rescue, both above ground and below was simply amazing.  The 33 miners that have been trapped for 69 days have been involved in their rescue since Day 1, documenting their journey and doing every task they were assigned, including piling up rocks for the rescue tube to rest on when it arrived in the mine.

The spirits of these men?  Simply inspiring.  Not only have they managed to stay alive and work together as a team, every video clip of them that I have seen has shown smiling men, often singing the national anthem.

The President of Chili has been at the site for each and every rescue, welcoming the families of the miners as they arrive and greeting each miner like a long, lost friend.  I don't know anything about him, but he has certainly impressed me through this ordeal.

Oh.  I dont' know what else to say.  I'm so inspired!!!

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