Sunday, November 21, 2010


On the list of favorite things organization is a close second to paper.  I love to organize and I love having everything in it's place.  I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing the house, and I made some major accomplishments.

One of my projects was to clean out my "idea book".  As I look through scrapbooking magazines I typically tear out pages that show projects I like I store them in page protectors in a 3 ring binder.  I've been collecting ideas for years and my book was simply out of control!  I spent part of my afternoon going through the book discarding pages that no longer interested me and adding from a stack of pages that had piled up for the past several months.  When it was all over I had a lot less content in my book but they are all ideas that I'd like to put to use.  Love that!

Here's another project I accomplished - this one took a lot less time!  There's a portion of my basement that is unfinished and used for storage.  I had an idea to make a wrapping station both for gifts and also for packing Etsy orders.  The section of the storage room where I plan to make this wrapping station has a light with a short little pull chain which required me to stand on a chair in order to turn on the light.  I decided to make a pullcord so that I could turn on the light easily, and of course it had to be cute!  I simply tied some ribbon to the short chain and attached a pine cone to the ribbon.  Simple and cute!  I need a few things, like a table, before I can set up the wrapping station but I will share photos when it's done, hopefully in time for Christmas wrapping!

Here's a project that clearly is not done, but I have big plans!  There used to be an aquarium in the wall - it actually was on the other side of this wall and visible from my craft area and family room.  The aquarium is gone and in it's place is a piece of sheetrock.  At first I planned to hire someone to sand and tape this section of wall, but then I had another idea!  I'm going to get a piece of pegboard and paint it a fun color and then hang it over this section of wall.  On the pegboard I can hang hooks to hold some of my scrapbooking supplies.  This is part of a larger project of revamping my craft place.  Also on the list is a tall, narrow bookshelf which will fit nicely in a corner next to my computer desk and an armoire with adjustable shelves to hold lots and lots of supplies!  I've really outgrown my craft space with my current storage solutions, but with the pegboard, bookshelf and armoire I'll have a nice, neatly organized space and I know I'll accomplish more once I'm organized.

There are several more projects I completed that I didn't photograph, like rearranging the family room furniture, moving my ironing board to a new location complete with a hanging bar for clothes that are either drying or ready to iron, reorganizing the garage so that I can get my daughter's car in for the winter and cleaning and organizing my laundry room.  I haven't left the house since Friday night and I love weekends like that!

I hope your weekend was productive, relaxing, fun and stressless, just like mine!

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Cheryl said...

wow you have been busy. I too am like that I am in the process of decluttering and over the week end 12 bin bags went to the charity shop, much more to be done though x