Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowflakes inside and out!

We had quite a winter storm over the weekend here in Minnesota with over a foot of snow.  You would think that I would have seen enough snowflakes to last me a lifetime, but instead I made some of my own!

One of the best things about having a fireplace is having a mantle where I can hang our Christmas stockings.  You are probably familiar with the different types of decorations you can get to hang your stockings on so that you don't have to pound nails into your mantle.  There are all different types of figurines or letters that spell out a variety of words such as Joy, Peace and other messages appropriate for the Christmas season.

One problem with choosing a word rather than a figurine is that you may end up with more letters than stockings, and it looks kind of silly to have empty hangers.  I chose the word P-E-A-C-E but I only have three stockings to hang.  Rather than having empty hangers I decided to make snowflake garlands to hang and add some interest to the mantle.

Here's my mantle before:

And here's my mantle after, with the addition of two snowflake garlands:

Just adds a little something, don't you think?

Tomorrow I'll give you a step by step tutorial to make your own snowflake garland!  Everyone needs some snowflakes during the holiday season!

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peggys said...

I think a few of those would be really cute on the tree.