Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wrapping Station update

As I mentioned in a previous post I am working on setting up a wrapping station so I have a place to wrap gifts and package Etsy orders.  I want to have all of my wrapping and packaging supplies (boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, etc.) all in one place that's easy to get to and most of all organized.

I actually think Organization may be my word for 2011.  More on that later.

My wrapping station is progressing slowly because I need a table and a few other things to really get going.  Of course nothing is easy, because before I buy a table I start thinking that I'm not crazy about my craft table, so maybe I should use that for wrapping and get a new craft table, and on and on.  Making decisions may not be one of my strengths.

One thing I did accomplish is to find a container to hold all of my wrapping paper.  Tubes of wrapping paper can be such a pain to store, but I had an idea to find a tall circular container that would hold my paper and, of course, look cute.  Suddenly an idea popped into my head - I happen to have a cream can that my mom gave me that is tall, circular and cute!  I found it out in the garage, cleaned it up and wa-la!  Wrapping paper holder!

I have 12 rolls of wrapping paper in there now and I think I could fit a few more.

Cute and functional.  Now that's organization!

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peggys said...

This is a very cute and clever storage solution. I'm thinking word for 2011 sounds like Ali!