Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ikea Do's and Don'ts

After a recent visit to an Ikea store I came up with the following list of Do's and Don'ts.

  • Do pay attention to where you park.
  • Do grab a bag as you enter.  You might think you won't buy as much if you don't have a bag, but you might as well accept the fact that you are going to buy a lot (and why not when things are so cheap!).
  • Do pick out some kind of container along the way so that you have something to put all of your treasures in to carry them out to the car.  Ikea doesn't provide bags (unless you buy them) so it really helps to have a container.  You can find super cheap baskets, plastic containers, garbage cans, etc.  You must need some type of container in some room of your home.
  • Do take your coat off (if you live in a cold climate and are wearing a winter jacket).  You might not plan to stay long, but there's so much to look at that you will be there for a while.  And if you are wearing your coat you will be hot.
  • Do park near a loading area if you plan to buy any big items.
  • Don't go by yourself if you plan to buy anything big and/or heavy.  Trick a friend or family member into going with you and use them for their muscle.
  • Don't lean against an item or block an aisle while you wait for your friend or family member.  It's very possible that another customer actually wants to, you know, look at the item or walk through the aisle.
  • Don't cheat - just follow the line on the floor like a good little shopper.  Cutting across an area to save a minute will most likely cause you to merge back into the herd right in front of someone.  Very rude.
  • Don't go there planning to buy a bigger item without bringing measurements with you.  You don't want to "eyeball" it and then end up returning it because it is the wrong size.
  • Don't try assembling any Ikea furniture if you are tired, in a bad mood or sober.  It's a frustrating experience that requires a sunny outlook, a can do spirit and a drink.  Or two.
Follow these helpful hints and you will have a successful shopping trip!  Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comment section.


peggys said...

I really would love to hear the "real" story behind these dos and don'ts. I'm sure it is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Totally funny! I've never been to an Ikea, but I will be sure to print out your list and bring it with me if I ever get the chance! : )

Shari said...

Be sure to ask my sister Cindi about our shopping/parking/elevator experience at Ikea the next time you two get together...