Thursday, June 16, 2011


Memories.  No, not the kind you scrapbook.  I'm talking about the part of my brain that stores the things I need to remember, and how it seems to get smaller as I age.

I'm a big fan of to do lists, calendars and reminders because it seems as though if I don't write it down I won't remember to do it, to tell someone what I want to tell them or to be where I said I would be.

The other day at work we were celebrating a co-workers birthday.  We always bring treats to celebrate birthdays, and one co-worker, the one is scheduled to arrive at the office the earliest each day, had forgotten to decorate the "birthday girl's" work space.  We were giving her a hard time for forgetting and someone suggested that I remind her before each co-worker's birthday.  I told them they had the wrong girl and backed it up by telling them a little story.

Just the other evening I thought of something that I should do at work the next day, and to be sure I wouldn't forget I called my extension at the office and left myself a voicemail.  The next day I arrived at work, saw the blinking light on my phone signaling a voicemail, and entered the code I use to retreive voicemail.  As I started to listed to the message it dawned on me that it was me that had left the message!  I had totally forgotten!

See, that's why I write everything down.

Next blog post . . . a Becky Higgins rant.

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