Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Etsy Store

I'm working very hard to make some inventory so that I can open my Etsy store, called goshery. I'll be offering handmade cards, tags, scrapbooks and other paper items. I almost have enough made to make my Grand Opening; I'm shooting for mid September.

I bought some new paper today and I'm so excited to make some cards and tags using it, but first I need to finish my current project which is an Autumn scrapbook that I'll be selling on Etsy. I'm having fun with it, but also realizing that summer is almost over. I love fall but don't necessarily look forward to winter that won't be far behind. Here in Minnesota we can get very cold weather along with lots of snow, and life just gets a bit more complicated with boots, coats, mittens, etc. It's especially hard with little kids, but since my daughter is now a sophmore in college I don't have that problem!

Speaking of my daughter and college, soon we'll be starting our 30 hour road trip to Oregon where she attends college. It's hard to have her so far away, but she really loves her school so that helps.

Please keep checking back for more information about my grand opening on Etsy!

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