Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm participating in my very first giveaway!

Paper n Stitch is hosting a giveaway and I submitted three packs of cards and tags (shown above) that will be included in the gifts to three lucky winners! All you have to do is visit the website (click on the name above) and find the post about the giveaway (hint: it's titled GIVEAWAY!!). Then you get to look through lots of shops and chose some favorite items. Post your comment about the item you chose (one item per comment) and just like that you are entered! It gets even better - you can enter as many times as you'd like! Have fun and get busy entering!

It's the weekend, and I have good news and bad news! The good news is that the weekend is free of commitments allowing me to have lots of time to create. I'm working on a very special project right now but it's "super secret spy stuff" so I can't talk about it yet. The bad news is that I should be in northern Minnesota right now (Hackensack to be specific) with my girlfriends on a scrapbooking weekend. We are lucky enough to go on bi-annual scrapbooking weekends - April and November - and this is the first one that I have missed. Although I had the weekend free I did feel a certain connection to my computer and since there's no internet access there I decided to stay home. I know. It was a difficult decision but as I type I know the gals are having a great time and getting lots of pages done. I miss them, but we are staying in contact through calls and texts. It will just make April that much more special!

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to get over to Paper n Stitch to enter the giveaway.

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Andrea Rooks said...

Beautiful creations for the giveaway. Paper n Stitch also rejected my store, but I might swallow my pride and check out the giveaway post :)

I hope you have a very creative and productive weekend. I'm off to make some Christmas cards and birthday gifts...