Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Planner

One of the things I have a hard time buying is a planner. I really should just make my own because I have lots of rules about planners, but I haven't quite figured out how to make one yet. Instead I search online, search in stores, search online again; always trying to find just the right planner.

Here is the list of things I want in a planner:

1. It must be cute. That goes without saying, right?
2. I want one, if not two, inside pockets for things I like to have with me.

3. I like one week per two page spread, with room for to do lists.

4. Some type of page marker, so I can find today quickly.

5. The perfect size is 5" x 7".

That's it - seems easy, right? No, it certainly is not! Every year I look and look and can't find what I'm looking for, and then suddenly it's mid-January and now the choices are very limited and I've already missed a couple of birthdays! I panic and buy any old planner and then spend time making adjustments to it so that it meets my needs.
The planner I bought for 2009 fits #2, #3 and #5. Notice that #1, the cuteness factor, is not mentioned. The planner is actually a "Mom's Family Planner" or something and the front had (note that I said had, not has) a mom on the front with all her mom stuff and some stupid saying. I am NOT going to carry that around all year. I started to customize the front cover by adding some fun paper, shown here:

I need to add something more, like ribbon or 2009 or something, but I haven't quite decided what that will be yet. I know it won't be a flower, and it won't be a picture of me, but other than that I can't make any promises.

The planner does have one inside pocket (#2 on list), which is good, and I've already tucked my important stuff I might need to reference into the pocket, including my Book Club Reading List for 2009, my daughter's schedule, etc. As I look at this picture I'm thinking I may need to add more paper on this pocket in order to accomplish #1 (see above list).

The planner did come with a two page spread for each week (#3 on list) and also has a "to do" section on one of the pages, which I love.

As you can see in this photo, there is a tear off grocery list and a menu planner that will not receive any use, unless I doodle or make list of craft ideas there.

The planner did not come with a page marker (#4 on list) so I made my own with some eyelets and elastic. It worked, kind of, but not great.

The size of the planner is 5" x 7" - perfect!

So, as I look back at this post I'm suddenly realizing that I may have a serious problem. Does this seem a bit obsessive to you? Are you this picky about your planner? Simple Scrapbooks (the magazine) is really to blame . . . I had never used a planner until they had one for sale, which met all of my criteria and then some. But after 2 years they quit making them and left me to search and search and eventually just retrofit some crappy planner that can't even meet 5 simple requirements. Seriously.


Andrea Rooks said...

Oh my gosh -- I am so with you on the criteria for planners. Mine are a bit different, but I'm just as picky. Since mine stays by my phone at home, I don't need a pocket. But I do need the entire week on one page, which was surprisingly hard to find. I almost bought the exact planner you bought because I initially thought I'd use the tear-out grocery planner and to-do list. I later realized I like my grocery and to-do list systems... Anyway, I think it's good that you (we) know what we need -- I just wish it wasn't so tough to find!

ella said...

You are soooooo funny!! I love to read your blogs!!