Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to school . . . and a craft update!

My "baby girl", pictured above, went back to college on Saturday to start her 4th semester. She goes to school in Oregon and we are in Minnesota, so she's far away and yet we stay connected. Aren't cell phones grand? I remember waiting for Sunday night when my parents would call . . . we didn't talk the rest of the week because it was expensive. Now my daughter and I can chat online, text or call on our cell phones - and of course she can read my blog! Communication is a good thing and help to close the many miles between us.

Now that the new year has begun, kids are back in school and year-end paperwork is complete it's time to focus on crafts. I have a project in the works (more Valentine items) that I hope to complete over the weekend and post here.

In between work and crafts I'm still studying for my HR Certification test which I'll be taking very soon. I'm nervous about the outcome but very anxious to have it over.

Until then, here's an item that's for sale in my 1000Markets shop and my Etsy shop;

I love the colors of this card, and since it's blank inside there are many ways that it could be used (thinking of you, thanks, happy birthday, etc.). I would love to have you visit my shops and check out the rest of the items!

I wish that I could have watched the inaguration today, but since I was at work I missed it. I plan to watch CNN tonight and see the replay. What an exciting day!

Oh - don't tell my daughter I posted this picture . . . she probably wouldn't like it!!


Andrea Rooks said...

Cute daughter! Great card (and a very professional-looking photo)!

ella said...

What a cutie!! love the cards

Anonymous said...

That picture is so gross! I was going to a themed event! I don't usually wear sideways neon hats. Thanks, mom. I like the snowman card though : )