Sunday, March 15, 2009

New items in shop!

It's been a fun weekend of crafting and I have listed a few new items in my shop:

Thread Spool Sentiments

This is one of four sentiments expressed - inspire me. I bought some old wooden thread spools last weekend when I was out of town with some girlfriends. I bought about 15 of the spools and when my girlfriends asked what I was going to do with them I didn't really have an answer. All I knew is that I liked them and I figured I could find something to do with them. They actually came together pretty quickly once I came up with the idea, and I think I'll make some more!

Cheery Decorative Sentiment Tags

I have had these little chipboard circular sentiments for quite a while and I was excited to finally find a fun use for them!

I have also re-taken a bunch of photos of items already listed in my shop. Taking photos is such a challenge as you need the light to be just right. Editing the photos takes forever, so I'll be updating photos just a few at a time. I can't say that I enjoy that task! I'm not alone either, just a quick read through the Etsy forums tells me that it's a task many people do because they have to, not because the want to!

Keep checking back for new items . . . my list of things I want to make is long!

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Andrea Rooks said...

Cute cute cute! Congrats on not only getting stuff made but photographed and uploaded. It's a bummer when the photos are almost an afterthought, especially if I'm still on a creative high but the light is lost! I also get impatient when it comes time to write the descriptions, update my spreadsheets, and upload everything! But it's very much worth the efforts...