Thursday, March 12, 2009

To Do List(s)

Last night I sat down and wrote out a to do list for the weekend. I'm feeling very disorganized and behind and since I have a free weekend it would be nice to get caught up. I started with a little scrap of paper - trying to recycle and all - and by the time I got done I had filled 3 pieces!! I guess I should have started a whole piece of paper instead . . .
Most of the things on my list involve crafts, which is a good thing. However, the #1 thing to do is to clean up my craft area because it's a disaster! Once I get that done I want to make and list lots of new things, mainly for Easter and spring. I have lots of ideas in my head and hopefully I can get some of them done.
It's bright and sunny here in Minnesota today but only 6 degrees, so making some spring things would help me to forget the cold weather outside.
In the meantime, there are still items for sale in both my Etsy shop and my 1000Markets shop. Stop by and take a look!

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Andrea Rooks said...

Ah, to-do lists! I love them. I bought a special to-do list pad at a craft store that's just for projects. It's got built-in check boxes and several categories... Super-sticky Post-Its are my other favorite to-do-list medium. Good luck crossing things off this weekend!