Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why I love Mexico, part 2

I'm back with the 2nd in a 3 part series . . . read on!

Why I love Mexico - reason #2

This reason has two parts - weather and scenery. Going from Minnesota to Mexico in one day is quite a shock to the system. It's great to leave the freezing cold temperatures and wind chill in Minnesota and arrive in Mexico to hot, humid temperatures with balmy breezes.

There's something great about getting up everyday (when you wake up, not when the alarm goes off), putting on a swim suit and laying by the pool until it gets so hot that you have to get in the pool. That's the life!

The resort we stayed at had several pools, not to mention the beautiful Carribean Sea. Here are a few photos:

It's stunningly beautiful, and I don't take it for granted when I am there at all. It's so nice to see green grass and foliage and beautiful flowers. You can feel your whole body relax, and your skin goes from dry, white and scaly to tan and moist - and it happens surprisingly quickly!

Tomorrow I'll post my #1 reason for loving Mexico - be sure to come back to find our what the #1 reason is. Any guesses??

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Andrea Rooks said...

It looks like you enjoyed a taste of heaven on your vacation! How wonderful! And the food sounds so good... I could go for some nachos poolside right about now...

I hope it's not too much of a bad shock to be back in your wintry wonderland (is there still snow on the ground?)...