Friday, March 6, 2009

Wisconsin weekend getaway

Dear blog readers,

are you still with me? Are you waiting for the #1 reason I love Mexico? I've kept you waiting for so long. Can you stand a couple more days?

I'm leaving at noon today for a weekend in Wisconsin with my girlfriends from college. For those of you not familiar with this area of the country, Wisconsin is a bordering state and a popular destination for Minnesotans, especially for snowmobiling and cabin weekends.

I'm going to the cabin of one of my girlfriends and we plan to eat, talk, have a cocktail and relax. We may leave the cabin for dinner (most likely since we aren't bringing any food excepts snacks!) but that's about it. I'm looking forward to spending some extended time with them. We typically meet for dinner about once every other month; having 2-1/2 days will be a real treat.

I promise I will post the #1 reason when I return . . . any guesses yet??

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Andrea Rooks said...

How fun -- I bet you had a great time... I have beautiful memories of Wisconsin. My husband's family lives in Marion, Iowa, and have a vacation trailer on the Mississippi river bordering Wisconsin. One October, we took a boat ride along the river and saw the beginnings of the changing of the leaves... People say there's nothing like fall colors on the West Coast, but where I live the winegrape vines turn as many lovely fall shades as the trees back East... but I digress!