Monday, March 9, 2009

Why I love Mexico, part 3

Drum roll please!

Why I love Mexico - Reason #1

The people! Did you guess it? If you have been there you know that the people working at the resorts in Mexico work very hard and are very happy, friendly people. The only people that I have found to be unfriendly are the folks at the front desk . . . of every resort I've been to! I think it's because they tend to deal more with tired people with lots of requests, but for whatever reason they are crabby!

Let's focus on the fun people. Here are some of the people that have made my vacations in Mexico so much fun:

Meet Argel and Valerie . . . two members of the Entertainment Staff at the Catalonia. I met Valerie last year at a sister resort, the Catalonia Tulum. Since my visit there several of the Entertainment Staff have moved to the Catalonia Riviera Maya (CRM), and I was so excited to see them this year! Valerie is just a little bitty thing - but a spitfire! She's from Italy and since I remembered her she vowed to remember my name, and for the entire week I would hear "Nancy" over the microphone every time she saw me. She was so much fun! Argel is from Mexico City; his dad manages a theatre and his mom is an actress. Argel wants to become an actor and promised to remember me when he's famous!

This is Carlos, another member of the Entertainment Staff. Carlos has been at the CRM for 4 years and we remembered him from past visits. Carlos is soft spoken and shy and was embarrassed when I took his picture. He is good friends with Raymond, a former staff member that we loved but is no longer there. Carlos tried to arrange a meeting for us but it didn't work out as Raymond now works in Cancun (about 1 hour away). Carlos is also from Mexico City.

Juan, the bartender (obviously). Juan works hard all day and always has a smile on his face. He's quite the jokster and is well liked by staff and guests alike. He must have his picture taken a lot because when I walked up with my camera he instantly posed!

Then there's Freddy and Nelson - good buddies and quite the characters. Freddy was at the CRM when we arrived and quickly became our friend because I remembered him from the resort last year. I asked where Nelson was and was happy to hear that he would be starting in two days. When he arrived Freddy brought him right over me and told him that I remembered him. They love to hear that! These two are a riot, always up to something.

The Entertainment Staff work very hard - from 10 a.m. to midnight, six days per week. They have tons of energy, speak several languages, and love to have fun.

There are countless workers at these resorts and although I don't have any pictures of waiters or maids I can tell you that they are all friendly and work very hard. We love visiting with them, learning about their lives and they feel the same about the guests. At least they make us think so! Actually that's how many of them learn new languages, by talking with guests.

So there you have it, the 3 reasons I love Mexico:

  1. The people
  2. The weather/scenery
  3. The food

We have snow on the way . . . I sure wish I was back in Mexico!

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Andrea Rooks said...

At last, the suspense is ended! It sounds like you've got the perfect vacation scenario! You're making me want to wax nostalgic about my favorite vacation spot in the whole world: Lake Tahoe. I've been going there every August since I was a tyke. We won't be able to go this year, though, because Baby No. 2 is due in July...

Anyway, Mexico through your eyes looks just fabulous!