Saturday, May 23, 2009

Your what hurts??

I can honestly say that tonight every part of me hurts! Here in Minnesota we spend months in our homes trying to stay warm. Then spring comes, and everyone enjoys being outside! Walking, biking, gardening, boating, swimming, eating, reading, sitting and chatting . . . we want to be outside for any and every reason. Along with all of the "fun" things comes a chore that people in other areas of the country may need to do all year long - mowing the lawn.

Today was my first full day outside - partly because my day job keeps me inside and partly because the weather hasn't been cooperating. Today though it was beautiful outside and being a Saturday I didn't have to work, so I spent the day outside. It started innocently enough with a nice long walk with my daughter and her dog. Hunter, the dog, loves to go for walks and luckily for me my daughter is in a walking mood as well. We've been on several walks in the week that she has been home. YAY me!

After a quick lunch I decided to go out and mow and trim the lawn. It was fun (it's always fun at first!) and I didn't come in the house until after 6 p.m. Now my everything hurts, but in a good way!

I did start my day by listing a new item in my Etsy shop - a set of dog themed, blank cards shown here:

Everyone loves dogs, right? Ok, I don't really love dogs - the smell and the licking get to me - but most people do so I made a fun set of cards just for them! Stop by my shop and check them out!

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Andrea Rooks said...

That settles it--I'm never leaving California if I can help it! I can't imagine surviving winter and most of spring without being able to go outside :)

Cute doggie cards -- you'll make some dog lovers very happy...