Sunday, July 12, 2009

goshery embellishment set

I just finished a set of embellishments and posted them in my shop. The set was really fun to make - I have a Cricut Expression and I don't feel like I'm using it enough so my goal was to play around with it and see what I could make.

I love the variety of flowers that I can cut on my Cricut and tried a few different ones for this set. The little ones are my favorite!

Quote bubbles are always fun to use for journaling and I love the shape of the ones that came with my Cricut.

Arrows are popular with scrapbookers and I have are three different styles of arrows (I only used two in this set).

Hearts and stars are always handy to have on had as they go with any theme so I included a few of those in this set. The really fun thing about these hearts and stars is that I used my VersaMark to stamp images on them - if you haven't used it before it's definitely something you should try! It turns the stamped image a darker shade of the paper you are stamping on and I think it's a really fun look.

Since the colors of this set are muted it would be easy to use with almost any project!

I have an idea for another mini album so I'm going to work on that next. I also need to make a bunch of cards so there's lots of crafting in my future!

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Andrea Rooks said...

Fun, fun, fun! I love VersaMark -- it's also great for embossing and chalks...

The embellishments are great -- as I start working on Natalie's scrapbook, I may come to you for some fun word balloons and arrows :)