Friday, October 9, 2009

Cute Packaging

It's always fun to order items from Etsy and see how creatively the items are packaged. This week I received a package from Paper Treats, a fun Etsy store that sells . . . paper items! and a few supplies as well. This shop has a great tag line, "as seen on Martha Stewart". I wish! I went to her blog and watched a video of her appearance on the show where she showed Martha (can you imagine? teaching Martha?) how to make some cute tags.

I was slightly disappointed with the communication from this seller. In fact, there was none! I placed my order and never received any thanks or communication of any sort. About 5 days went by before my order showed as "shipped" on the site. Maybe once you are on Martha you don't feel like you have to have excellent customer service? I don't know, but usually when I order on Etsy I get almost instant communication from the seller, and as a seller I try to do the same. Doesn't change the fact the I received my item, but because the item is available from a number of different Etsy shops I do think I will look elsewhere next time I place an order. Hold on while I climb down from my soapbox.

Ok, so the item arrived and the presentation was super cute. Here's a photo of the package.

The purple stipe is the handmade envelope, and notice the cute address label. Very fun. Inside was my item wrapped in tissue paper; wrapped around that was some bright purple crepe paper and a cute "thank you" tag.

This is what I ordered - brown/creme and red/white baker's twine. I'll be using this on lots of future projects.

Please excuse the photos as they were taken at night, but hopefully you can get an idea of how nicely this package was presented.

I'm out of town for the weekend; going to Oregon to visit my daughter at college. It's Parent & Family Weekend so my mom and I are flying (not quite ready to make that drive again!) and we have a full weekend planned. Most importantly I get to hug my little girl and that will be the highlight for me!

Back next week with a giveaway!

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