Saturday, November 14, 2009

Got snow?

Although we had an early dusting of snow in October (!) here in Minnesota our weather in November has actually been quite nice.  However, we know what's coming, so it's important to enjoy each and every snow-free day.

Don't get me wrong; snow is beautiful and makes everything seem bright and clean.  However, it's also more work.  Boots, mittens, coats, etc.  The other problem is that winter here just lasts too darn long!

Anyway, in order to celebrate snow and it's cheeriness I made this set of Itty Bitty Snowman Cards and listed them in my shop today.  My Itty Bitty series of cards have been popular; in fact I had to order more itty bitty white envelopes today!  I'll be adding some new Itty Bitty Birthday Cards as soon as the envelopes arrive.

Busy shop day today; I finished up some custom orders, photographed some new items, edited the new photos, made a Thanksgiving card for a last minute request and also got a bunch of business cards made because a friend has generously offered to hand them out.  Lots more to do, so it looks like tomorrow will be a busy shop day too!


Andrea Rooks said...

so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Those are sooo cute!!
Kelly G