Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrapbooking Weekend

I am very lucky to attend a bi-annual Scrapbooking Weekend with 4 girlfriends.  We go for a 3 day weekend in April and again in November, and have been doing so for several years.  The first year we went to an organized event at a bible camp, where we slept in cabins and then worked in a large room and ate when the bell rang.  It was fun and the food was awesome, but it was a large group (100?) and you didn't have any say in the music that was played . . . and by the end of the weekend we were really ready for more variety!

Lucky for us one of my friends bought a cabin in northern Minnesota and from then on we've had our own organized event!  We take turns cooking and we get to pick our own music, and we only have to share the bathroom with a few people instead of 10+!  Plus the view out the window can't beat.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

This picture shows Laura and Peggy at their work stations - as you may guess we need lots of car space to haul all of our stuff!  Also shown here is this awesome tote bag featuring Bruce Springsteen, my FAV.  My friend Jenny gave me this bag and I hung it within view of my workspace, so I could look at Bruce for inspiration.

 Jody, Jenny and I share a space, and as you can see my space is the neatest!  I go out of my way to make sure my space is neat and cute at all times!

We have an awesome tool station that is pictured above.  Also, you can kind of see the beautiful view of the lake that we have while we are working.  Another important "tool" would be the two ipods that we have full of awesome music.  There's also a stereo and I sneak in a few Springsteen cd's throughout the weekend.

Sometimes we get adventurous and go out for a walk.  This year Jody brought along orange vests for walkers, because in Minnesota it's opening deer hunting weekend and things moving in the woods can get shot.  Peggy and Jenny were the only ones that went walking in the rain.

This year we branched out and tried a few new crafts - knitting and sewing!  Laura brought along her Knifty Knitter and here she's teaching Jen how to make a hat.

Jen is getting started on her new creation.

Here's the finished product!  It turned out really cute and Jen wore her hat the rest of the weekend.

Here's Peggy doing a little sewing!

It was a great weekend and we all accomplished a lot.  Another tradition we have is that at the end of the weekend everyone has to pick a favorite layout or project and have their photo taken with that item.  Its fun to look back and see all that we have made over the year.

If you have a chance to do a get away like this you should definitely do it.  Packing everything up is a lot of work, but spending time with girlfriends scrapping, eating and relaxing is so worth it!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had so much fun. Thanks for sharing!!

Andrea Rooks said...

How wonderful!