Sunday, December 27, 2009

Card making

As promised, to follow are pictures of the cards I was busy making last night.

This card was made using some adorable birdie paper that I had, I think it's from October Afternoon.  I love the colors!  The yellow & white accent paper is actually the back of the birdie paper.

I used vintage sheet music to make this card - the sheet music is from the 1950's and very thin.  I learned the hard way not to cut it with my Cricut; it stuck to the mat and wrecked the mat - it's no longer sticky.  Anyway, my mom is involved in choir and has lots of musical friends so I thought she would like having some music-related note cards on hand.

I saw this cardinal patterned paper and knew that my mom would love it, so I used it to make several cards for her.  Most of them are thank-you cards, but I made a few miscellaneous cards too.

Another music-related card for my mom.  This one says "just a note" and could be used for just about anything.  I have a set of music stamps, such as the just a note shown above, and rarely use them so it was fun to get them out and try different things.

This picture is very blurry . . . don't look too long or you will get a headache!  A man I know is retiring (he's been a lawyer for 40 years!!) so I wanted to make a card for him.  I used the same pattern that I have used in the past for graduation, Confirmation and Easter.  The vellum is printed with words that describe life in retirement such as "no more ties", "playing tennis", etc.  I used Becky Higgins font for the word "congratulations" - love it!

Because I had some small pieces of sheet music left over I decided to make a few birthday gift tags.  I love making tags!

So that's how I spent my Saturday evening.  I had lots of fun and it was nice to make a variety of things.  Today I'm working on a few new projects which I will post in the next couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

I am the luciest Mom ever!!!! I love my new cards and of course the music notes are favorites. Thanks goshery!!