Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New item in shop!

I listed some new Itty Bitty Birthday Cards in my shop this week.  These little guys have been popular, but I ran out of the paper I have used in the past so I had to find a new color combo.  This patterned paper is one of my favorites - love the colors!  These cards come with little white envelopes are are sold in sets of 4.

I'm currently working on a custom order for 35 invitations for a bachelorette party - and the request is they be "really girly"!  Sounds fun, huh?  I also have plans to make a Valentine's mini album . . . I have all of my supplies gathered up so now it's time to start laying things out and see how they all fit together.  I plan to have it listed in my shop in early January.

I have presents to wrap and I also need to get things ready for my daughter to come home from college for Christmas.  I have taken over her bed as part of my crafting workspace . . . lots of papers all spread out!  Time to get that cleaned up as she will be home soon!  YAY!

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