Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vintage papers

In September I went to northern Wisconsin with my Book Club for a nice, long weekend.  On the way (it's about a 3 hour drive) we stopped by a roadside stand hoping to find some good bread.  We found that and so much more!  They had baked goods, vegetables that had been canned, antiques and free coffee!  We seriously thought we had hit the jackpot.

While my friend looked through the baked goods and vegetables I was drawn to a pile of old books.  I found this old ledger and fell in love!  It is from the 1920's and contains pages and pages of ledger papers.  Some of the pages have been written on but many are blank.  Here's an idea of what the inside pages look like:

Also inside I found this letter:

It reads:

Dear Mrs. Schultz:  In compliance with your request we can give the following description of your late husbands diamond ring.  The ring was purchased September 5, 1951, the cost at time of purchase was $900.  The diamond was approximately two carats and an old mine cut stone, white in color and very slightly imperfect.

The letter was dated August 5, 1958 and was from Bagley & Company in Duluth, MN.

I love this book, and plan to use the pages for a future project - and I'll probably add some to my The Office mini album in my shop, although I have to admit it will be difficult to part with any of these pages!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Are you going to try to find the person that the letter belongs to??