Friday, January 15, 2010

99 down, 1 to go

As of this very moment I have 99 hearts in my Etsy shop . . . come on people, you're killing me!  One more heart!!

Here's another picture from my Valentine Mini Album Kit - my daughter and I close up and personal! I used some lined background paper from Scenic Route, stamped some flourishes and then attached the red felt heart from the kit.  I also attached some red, pom pom ribbon from the kit - I love it!

The giveaway on Ali's blog should be posted tomorrow, so be sure to visit her blog and enter to win!

One thing I really want to change about the look of my blog is to add more content horizontally - as in go from 2 columns to 3.  I'm not a programmer, nor do I know one.  I did get an estimate from an Etsy shop to do some design work on my blog and the prices was $290 for some seriously basic stuff (says me, the non-programmer).  There is a website I found that gives you step by step directions to add a column to your blog, but they do caution you to save your blog template first in case you do something wrong and lose everything.  I just got goosebumps when I typed that, you?

So, for now I'm just hoping that you are so fascinated by the words and pictures I provide that you don't notice all of the white space over to the left.  Don't look!

Today when I opened our web browser I found that someone in my family had expanded the window, making my blog realllllllllly wide, and making the white space just that much more evident.  I dragged the window to make it smaller, and it turns out that if the window is small enough my blog looks fantastic!  So, would you mind grabbing that corner over there and making your window a bit smaller?  Thanks!

1 comment:

Andrea Rooks said...

I wish I could give you that 100th heart in your Etsy shop, but I gave you mine a long time ago :)

I think your blog looks great, but I usually have a small browser window on my laptop...

And Valentine's Day already. Oy, I feel so behind! Maybe Valentine's Day will help me get over my sadness in having to cancel Natalie's birthday party...

Hope all's well for you!