Friday, January 29, 2010


For the cover of the Valentine Mini Album kit listed in my shop I used grungeboard painted "true red".  If you haven't used grungeboard you should give it a try!  I have to admit that I had never used it before but now I'm hooked.  I actually bought it because it was on sale and I thought it looked interesting and now that I've used it I love how it turned out.

Grungeboard is the creation of Tim Holtz.  If you aren't familiar with him you should check him out here.  He's an awesome designer that is very well know and respected in the craft industry.  I was so excited after working with Tim's grungeboard that I emailed him and attached a photo of this album.  I was shocked when he responded right away and he said such nice things.  What a nice fellow!

This photo shows the grungeboard in it's natural state and what it looks like after I painted it.  I will worn you that it really sucks up the paint, so before you start you should be sure that you have enough paint on hand.  Yes, I'm speaking from experience.  The paint I used is just your standard craft paint.  The paint dried quickly so I was able to paint one side one night and then flip it over and paint the other side the next night.  Notice my fancy paint tray in the photo!  As you can see I used a simple sponge brush which washed up easily.

One really nice thing about the pack of grungeboard that I bought (it was a pack of 10 pieces, 5 x 7) is that attached to the front was a small sample piece.  This helped me to get a good look it before I bought it and also allowed me to paint a sample piece before painting the actual pieces I was going to use.

Next time you are gathering supplies for a project give grungeboard a try.  I think you'll love it!

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Andrea Rooks said...

Lovely album! You've convinced me to use the grungeboard I have -- my mom bought me a set of letters that I haven't gotten around to using yet. She and I both love Tim Holtz products...

Hope all's well!