Saturday, January 9, 2010

Its all about me

Today is an unusual Saturday for me because I'm actually going to leave the house.  I think I have weekend agoraphobia, because my favorite kind of Saturday is one where I never leave the house!  I love to get up whenever I feel like it rather than by alarm, and I like knowing that I have the whole day ahead of me with no obligations, no errands to run, no reason to get all beautiful.

But, today is not one of those days.  Today its all about me; I'm off to a nearby town to get my hair cut and my nails done (I am a hand model ya know!) and then I suppose I'll have to make a stop at the craft store.  Darn!

When I get home I will be focused on the Valentine mini album I'm working on.  I'm almost done, but one finishing touch will involve my sewing machine.  I know.  That means that I'm going to have to figure out how to thread it (ugh) unless I'm lucky enough to have left red thread in the machine, which I doubt.

Check in tomorrow because I plan to have the album finished and post some photos.  Hope your Saturday is all that you want it to be.

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