Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I recently listed a new series of embellishments in my Etsy shop.  The series is called "Shades of" and includes yellow, green, orange, blue and red sets of embellishments.  The sets are sold by individually color; each set includes 8 embellishments, two each of four designs.

For those of you that are indecisive, I have now listed a combination set that includes all 5 colors - a total of 40 embellishments (yes, I used a calculator) for one great price!

By offering you this combo set I'm saving you from having to make a decision and I'm saving you money too!

See, it's all about you.


luvmy2k9z said...

I am curious if you would make a custom lot. I need the red, but only two of the embellishments. Is that possible?

goshery said...

luvmy2k9z - I visited your blog but don't see any way to contact you. Please visit my Etsy shop and send me a convo and we can discuss a custom order. Thanks for your interest!