Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time to Scrapbook!

I'm back from my week long vacation in Mexico and have a few pictures to get in an album.  I started an album the first time we went to Mexico 9 years ago and have added to it each year, but that book is very full so I need to start Mexico Edition 2.

We had a great trip, although the weather was the coolest we've had.   Don't get me wrong, a night time low of 60 degrees F. is still a pleasure!  Mornings were cool, but during the day the temp was typically in the high 70's.  We usually have weather in the high 80's, so it was definitely cooler just like much of our country has been this winter.  The pools were very cold so I spent less time in the water but I did get wet a few times.

The resort we went to has an awesome entertainment staff and they offered lots of fun activities each day.  Because we've been to the same resort 5 times we have made friends with some of the fine folks working there and it was so much fun to see them again.

One daily activity was water aerobics, which is shown in the picture below.  I only participated one day because I'm quite lazy!

One day it was just too chilly for water aerobics so instead one of the staff dressed as Michael Jackson and taught us how to do the dance from Thriller.  It was so fun!  Here's Nelson dressed as MJ.

I took Spanish lessons two days; the lessons last approximately 1/2 hour and they teach basic words (such as days of the week) or common questions (such as "where is the bathroom").  This picture shows Freddy starting the lesson which was held in the snack bar next to the pool.

One day all of the activities were staff vs. guests.  I participated in a dart throwing contest; I did not participate in the beer drinking contest shown below:

The resort has two swim up bars . . . I may have visited once or twice.  Here's the Margarita pool bar with an awesome bartender named Gregario.  He always remembers you and what you drink or so I hear.  Ahem.

One of the gals that I was with has an unexplainable thing for men in kilts.  Imagine our surprise one evening at dinner when a man walked wearing one!!  He was from Novia Scotia and was kind enough to let us snap a photo.  Not something I expected to see in Mexico!

It was a great trip, although it got off to a very strange start.  I'll save that story for tomorrow!

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