Sunday, March 14, 2010

Progress . . . slow at best.

I've made very little progress on the boy mini album kit that I'm working on.  I've been sick all weekend, which is very irritating since I had a whole weekend of crafting planned.  Instead I spent Friday watching tv all day - I switched between HGTV and the cooking channel all day.  All Day.  The funny thing is that I don't like to cook and nothing sounded good, yet I watched people make and eat food for hours.  Huh.  Saturday I watched 4 Lifetime movies.  That's not my all time record, which is 5, but the day I made the record I was crafting while I watched movies so it was at least productive.  Saturday was simply not.

One thing I did get done on the book is to decide to made a denim cover as shown above.  I used one pair of jeans and cut the denim to fit a piece of chipboard.  Only one will have the pocket label shown in this picture, others will have a vertical seam or a seam at the bottom.

To attached the denim I use Terrifically Tacly Tape.  I trace each piece of denim and then cut it out slightly larger.  I adhere the tape to all four sides of the chipboard, then press the denim down and trim off the excess.  I covered the inside with patterned paper.

I've also been working on embellishments to go with the kit.  So far I've made lots of button shapes, an "all boy" title block and I've also gathered these cute postcards that I think will be a fun addition.  I have more journaling blocks to make and ribbon to cut before I'll have the kits ready for sale.

I'm off to eat some soup and then maybe I'll have the energy to get some work done . . . or see what's on Lifetime today.


ShellyDee said...

I love it! I have twin boys so I love anything BOY! I can not wait to see it all completed!

Andrea Rooks said...

So fun!