Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am happy to report that my niece, Kendra, continues to improve little by little.  She is still in critical condition but stable.  It's been a week today since her accident and we are so thankful that she is such a strong, resciliant young lady.  Continued prayers for Kendra and her family are welcome!

It's been a bit hard to concentrate on crafts this past week, but I am sponsoring a giveaway on Ali Edwards blog this weekend so the pressure is on.  Be sure to check out her blog (a link is on the right) and enter to win!!  Here's a photo of the items I'm giving away - two winners will have their choice of a boy themed album or a girl themed album:

I haven't come up with clever names for either album . . . any ideas?  Right now the boy themed album is listed in my Etsy shop as "Oh Boy, boy themed mini album" which I don't love, but as I said it's kind of hard to keep my mind focused these days.  I'm going to list the girl themed album tonight and there's no telling what I might call it!  I keep hoping inspiration will strike.

I'm super excited because I won a contest, but I'm going to wait until the prize arrives and then I'll tell you all about it.  Hopefully it will be here soon!

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happykatt said...

Kendra will be in my thoughts!