Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day preparation

I spent my afternoon creating in the kitchen rather than in my craft space, which is very rare for me.  I don't consider myself much of a cook and even less of a baker, but Father's Day isn't about me and I had a request for cookies so baking was the thing to do.

I made chocolate chip cookies, and they turned out pretty good!  I think baking, like scrapbooking, requires the right tools and because I don't bake much (ok, at all) I don't really have good kitchen tools.  I have a handheld mixer that smelled like it might actually catch fire if I mixed much longer!  I do have a nice cooling rack - one - so as soon as a batch cooled I needed to move it to my storage container so I had room for more.  If I was going to spend more time baking I think I would invest in better tools, but I'd rather buy another Cricut cartridge!

I also made some great sandwhiches for lunch.  They tasted just as good as they looked!

The buns (from Walmart) were soooooo good, and inside there was Black Forest Ham and Swiss cheese.  Yumm!

Both recipes are from the Becky Higgins blog; you can find a link to the right.  She has lots of good recipes and the ones I have tried have been really good.

Tomorrow we will spend the afternoon on the pontoon, weather permitting, then back to my parents house for Stadium Brats on the grill, Fiesta beans, salad and chips followed by ice cream and cookies.  Sounds like a great day, right?

Happy Father's Day to all of the great dads out there - make it a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy,

Your the best Step Sister, taking care of Dan (my dad) on this important day. I wish I was there to help you bake, because you know I love to do it.

Those cookies look scrumptous.
Kelly Girl

Cheryl said...

I am not realy a baker myself, but realy would love to. I love cheese and ham sandwiched especial toasted yum x

Jana said...

Hey! We did the same thing! Chocolate chip cookies were requested on this end too - but for use as part of homemade ice cream sandwiches!!! =D (Plus we had a combined birthday/Father's Day celebration here...) I agree with Kelly Girl - you're awesome. =)