Friday, July 16, 2010


Yes, it's summertime in Minnesota and I have to admit that I haven't been crafting at all.  I've been enjoying the beautiful weather, reading books, mowing the lawn.  This week has been especially fun because my daughter is home from Oregon for 10 days so I'm spending as many minutes as I can with her, although her schedule is pretty full.

Since I don't have any crafty news for you I'd like to recommend a great blog for you to check out.  My brother is on an amazing weight loss journey (down 103 pounds!) and he's blogging along the way.  You can check it out here:

I have to admit that Big Brother started last week and that's been keeping me busy as well.  I haven't spent too much time watching the live feeds (yet) but the show is on 3 times each week so it does keep a person busy.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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Cheryl said...

You enjoy the break your crafting will still be here when you get back.x