Saturday, August 21, 2010

New items listed for fall

Today I listed some new items for fall.  They aren't totally new as I did sell a few sets of each of these items last fall, but I'm calling them new because they haven't been listed for the past several months and also because I have taken all new photos.

The first "new" item is a set of So Thankful tags, shown above.  These tags were very popular last year and this is my last set.  I need to look for some fall paper so that I can make additional sets - that's on my to do list.  I think these tags would work great on Thanksgiving Day; put one on each place setting and ask your guest to write down what they are thankful for, and then have everyone share their lists.  They would also work well as gift tags or as thank you cards.  So many uses!

The second "new" item is a set of fall photo tags.  These are pictures that I took at a Minnesota farm and include pictures of pumpkins and chickens.  Oh for cute!  These tags were popular last year too and again, this is my last set.  The sad news is that when my computer crashed a few months ago I lost these photos, so I really can't make any more of these.

You may notice that I used props in these photos - the same props for each item.  The pumpkin is actually part of a gift for a friend (hopefully she doesn't notice!) and the "thingy" holding each item is called a flower frog.  I guess these frogs used to be used by florists in the bottom of containers to arrange flowers . . . now they work great to hold items for photos!  I bought this from one of my favorite Etsy shops (Saturday Morning Vintage) and I was excited to use it this morning.

I previously declared this YARD DAY with plans to do some weeding and trimming.  It's hot and MUGGY today so I'm kind of wishing I hadn't made the declaration . . . but I think I'll head out and get it done so I can come back in the house and do some crafting!  I need to make a birthday card for a party tomorrow and also 20 thank you cards to fill an order I received.  Hope your Saturday is full of fun!

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